Floor Heating Thermostats

A good thermostat is key to operating your floor warming system. You want a thermostat that is both reliable and easy to use. Our thermostats are digital and programmable allowing you to easily program the thermostat to the desired temperature for your schedule. Easily program your thermostat schedule to turn on the floor heat before you get up in the morning and when you get home from work.

Our selection of thermostats include the well known Honeywell brand and the OJ Electronics brand that leads the floor heating industry for quality and innovation. These offerings include simple programmable thermostats that can be controlled with a simple on/off switch to WiFi thermostats that allow control from anywhere on the internet to optimize your comfort. The WiFi unit seamlessly integrates with Alexa and Google Home.

If you need help choosing which thermostat is right for you and your application, please reach out to our support team and we can help.