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Tips for Choosing the Right Size System

Accurate Measurements    tape-measurer.jpg

Start by drawing the measurements of the entire room.  Now include permanent objects or any areas you don't want to heat.  These need to be subtracted from your room measurements to make sure you order the right size system. 

Consider the following in your measurements:

  • We recommend 4" space between the wall and the warming system.
  • If using the cable system, the cables need to be spaced 3" apart.
  • Heat radiates no more than 2" in either direction from the cable.
  • In the bathroom, keep the heating wires about 6-8" away from the wax seal on the toilet.  If the wax gets hot, it could melt.  
  • Do not install under cabinets or other permanent objects including sinks, tubs, toilets, center islands, fixed furniture, and appliances.
  • Avoid installing in closets.
  • You can not overlap the heating elements, it may cause overheating.
  • The warming system must be embedded in polymer modified cement based mortar.
  • You CAN NOT CUT THE RED HEATING ELEMENT, so accurate measurements are important.
  • If between sizes, it's almost always better to go with the smaller size, than have too much and nowhere to put it.


Adequate Power   

Make sure the circuit breaker has enough amperage capacity to power your warming system. 

  • 120 Volt warming systems require 1 Amp per every 10 square feet. 
  • 240 Volt warming systems require 1 Amp per every 20 square feet. 
  • One 120V thermostat can handle up to 150 sq. ft. of a 120 Volt warming system
  • One 240V thermostat can handle up to 300 sq. ft. of a 240 Volt warming system
  • If you want to connect more square footage to one thermostat you need use a power module which can be purchased from Warming Systems for $100.00.  The power module can only be used with an OJ Electronics thermostat.
  • You can not connect 120 Volt Systems and 240 Volt Systems on the same thermostat.
  • The floor heating system needs to be GFCI protected.  This can be done by using a GFCI protected circuit breaker, tapping off the protected side of a GFCI outlet, or using a GFCI protected thermostat.


Consider Room Layout    kitchenplans.jpg

  • With 120 Volt Systems the largest single mat or cable spool is 80 sq. ft.,  therefore if you purchase more than 80 sq. ft. you will receive more than one mat or cable spool.  
  • With 240 Volt Systems the largest single mat or cable spool is 160 sq. ft., therefore if you purchase more than 160 sq. ft. you will receive more than one mat or cable spool.
  • You will need to take into consideration that the 10' cold lead at the end of system needs to connect to the thermostat.  If you have multiple cables or mats connecting together, remember to consider in your layout that the multiple cold leads need to connect together at the thermostat.   The systems do not connect end to end on the floor.


If you would like help with room layout, you can email an accurately measured floor plan to: design@warmingsystems.com and an experienced Warming Systems Engineer will design your layout free of charge.