When selecting a floor warming system, it is very important to use the highest quality products and to purchase from a company that offers the highest level of support. Warming Systems is considered a leader in the electric radiant floor industry and offers a 25 Year Warranty. Our engineering department and friendly knowledgeable staff are eager to support you with any questions you may have.

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  • This product is a “MAT” type of heating system with wire attached to a commercial grade mesh material spaced 3” apart. When installed, it is unrolled and laid on the floor across the area to be heated.  Tape on the mat is double-sided. Peel of liner and affix either side of the mat to the floor.  The mesh material can be cut to make turns and angles to heat just about any shaped area. The red heating element cannot be cut.

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  • Thermostats allow you to accurately control the floor temperature for maximum comfort and energy savings. Choose from thermostats manufactured by Honeywell or OJ Electronics. Including the OJ Electronics WiFi Touch Screen GFCI Protected Thermostat. It can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices.

    A power module is necessary if you want to put more than 150 sq. ft. of a 120V floor warming system on one thermostat or 300 sq. ft. of a 240V floor warming system on one thermostat. The module increases output by 15 amps allowing you to heat larger rooms or additional areas with one thermostat. Power module can only be used with OJ Electronics thermostat.

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  • The Installation Monitor can help give you peace of mind while installing the floor warming system. Connect the system leads to the monitor prior to installation. The monitor will "scream" a warning in the event the heating element is cut or damaged allowing you to make any necessary repairs before the heating system is embedded in mortar. If the alarm sounds, stop work and consult the operation manual. Warming Systems offers repair kits for damaged wires and our technical department is available for assistance if needed at 800-663-7831. We still recommend checking the ohms of the floor heating system with a multimeter before, during, and after installation.

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    This heating mat has double sided tape to offer an adhesive backing that make installation a breeze. Simply fit the mat to your floor, then peel of the tape and adhere to the floor. This greatly reduces the installation time and gets you on your way to enjoying your heated floors.



The mats easily lay flat on the floor and must be embedded in a polymer modified cement based mortar. It has a “single” cold lead, which means that the end of the heating wire does not need to be run back to the thermostat. This process makes the installation easier, and the average home owner can install the product themselves. The heating wire is less than 1/8” in thickness so the raise in floor height is minimal. The flooring is then installed over the heating wire.

This system can be installed under tile, marble, stone, brick, engineered wood, vinyl, laminate, carpet or slate and heats the flooring. Electric radiant floors create a comfort that has been compared to walking on a sandy beach on a sunny day. The warmth heats all the objects in the room using radiant energy potentially making it the most comfortable room in your home. Your home will have an added luxury that your friends and family will want, and will provide a great selling point. Any room that you install this product in will automatically become your favorite room in the home.

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