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This Installation Monitor can help give you peace of mind while installing the floor warming system.  Connect the system leads to the monitor prior to installation.  The monitor will "scream" a warning in the event the heating element is cut or damaged allowing you to make any necessary repairs before the heating system is embedded in mortar.  If the alarm sounds, stop work and consult the operation manual.  Warming Systems offers repair kits for damaged wires and our technical department is available for assistance if needed at 800-663-7831.  We still recommend checking the ohms of the floor heating system with a multimeter before, during, and after installation.

  • Red light and alarm indicates lead wires have come loose from the terminals or damage has occured to the heating system
  • A white light indicates the monitor is operating
  • Can monitor up to 3 systems at one time when they are temporarily connected in series
  • Two AAA batteries required.

 * This monitor is free when you purchase a mat or cable system with a thermostat.  Only one monitor per order.