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  • Never cut the red heating wires.
  • Confirm the Ohm resistance of heating system is correct before, during, and after installation. 
  • Embed system in a cement based mortar.
  • When installing on a concrete slab, we recommend using Cerazorb synthetic cork underlayment to avoid excessive heat loss. 
  • Keep heating wire 6”-8” away from toilet wax ring.ul-mat-only.jpg
  • The heating element should be a minimum 2" from walls and cabinets.
  • Multiple cables/mats are connected in Parallel at the thermostat. Not spliced together on the floor.
  • HEATING MATS: Tape on mat is double sided. Peel off liner and affix either side of mat to floor. 

HEATING CcableSpool.jpgABLES: When using cables with Schluter-DITRA-HEAT or Prodeso Heat Membrane System, space wires alternating 3 pegs/2 pegs for an average of 3” spacing.




  • When setting up the OJ Electronics Touch Screen Thermostat
    • Set the floor load:  Find the watts of the floor heating system on the white label on the silver cold lead.  Convert watts to kilowatts.
    • Set the sensor type:  Choose Default