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RPM Radiant Positioning Mats are a lightweight alternative to backerboard, which allows you to spend less time on the job while getting consistently successful results.  The unique built-in layout grid protects the heating cable from such dangers as foot traffic and the trowel's edge during installation.   

  Other advantages:

  • Makes cement leveling over heat wire as easy as it gets
  • Replaces backerboard resulting in a thinner installation
  • Use as an anti-fracture membrane over concrete slab
  • Use as a thermal break over concrete slab
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Cuts easily and dustless with utility knife
  • Speeds up installation

During cable installation, wrap the wire around a stud and use a grommet to hold the wire down.  This eliminates the need for tape or other products to hold the cable in place. 

Stud height is 5/16"


Easy installation-How To Install RPM-V1 Mats Over Plywood/OSB/Concrete